Maintenance Guide

STEP 01 :

Select Module

The first step is to select the module that needs maintenance.
You can select modules that require maintenance from among the modules you are currently managing, or you can select modules that are subject to maintenance by searching.
When a module is selected, the appropriate module name and module code information will be provided and the target module will be verified to be correct before continuing to the next step.

STEP 02 :

Symptom Selection and Breakdown Information Entry Steps

The second step is to enter symptoms and breakage information for modules that require maintenance.
You can select predefined symptoms through a search, select the degree of breakage according to them, and register the symptoms and enter breakage information through direct input.
The information entered is a factor that determines repair and replacement, so it is important to enter the correct symptoms and degree of breakage.

STEP 03 :

Select Repair Method

The third step is to select Repair or Replace.
If you selected the degree of breakage according to the predefined symptoms in STEP2, repair and replacement information is automatically recommended.
If you enter the symptoms and the degree of damage directly in STEP2, you must select replacement and repair at your own discretion.
Depending on the information selected in STEP3, the information automatically guided in the report will be changed, and after all STEP is completed, the manager will collect the information and review the appropriate plan.

STEP 04 :

Repair Parts Selection

The fourth step is to select a broken location.
It is divided into exterior, interior, and structures, and when you select the corresponding broken sector, information about the relevant part is output.
The selected coordinate values and part information will be reflected in the report, and the manager will review it and change or confirm the automatically recommended logic.

STEP 05 :


The fifth step is to check the reports created through the scenario so far.
You can view report information and enter additional details and requests.
We recommend that you create more detailed information because you can receive more accurate guidance quickly through your manager.